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Apostles’ Creed: “I believe in…His Only Son, Our Lord” Part 1

by Wayne Lin

This is blog number 4 from our very own, Tyler Cowden…Now that we have given some consideration to the biblical perspective on faith and belief, let us focus on the person in whom we as Christians ultimately put our faith, Jesus Christ. All of Scripture reveals and points to Jesus, but let’s think about a […]

The Apostles Creed: “I Believe in God the Father Almighty”

by Wayne Lin

This starts a new series by our worship leader, Tyler Cowden, on the Apostles Creed. Be blessed by his writings….   The early Christian confession of belief in God—especially belief in one almighty God—was no less controversial (or necessary) in the late Roman Empire than it is today in the West. There is a sense, […]

The Reformation and Church Unity

by Wayne Lin

This blog is written by fellow Christ the King member, Tyler. Here at Christ the King we are gearing up for our first official celebration of Reformation Day, October 31. While Sunday morning worship is the only biblically obligatory formal service we observe, many of us highly value the history of the Protestant Reformation as […]