Christian Suffering

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Christian Suffering, Part 5: God Alone is the Best Judge

by Wayne Lin

If you are suffering unjustly at the hands of some specific person or group of people, it’s easy to see the perfect solution. God could rain down some fire from heaven, maybe just a lightning bolt or two, and the problem would be fixed. God’s justice would be accomplished, our suffering would end, and all […]

Christian Suffering, Part 4: Patient Endurance Finds Favor with God

by Wayne Lin

Until now I have emphasized the fact that because of our inherent sinfulness, there is a sense in which we actually deserve any and all suffering that we may experience. However, there is also a very real sense in which Christians endure undeserved, unjust suffering, even being punished for doing what is right. God has […]

Christian Suffering, Part. 2: Redemption is Better

by Wayne Lin

This is part 2 of Emily Moore’s essay on suffering… This statement implies a basis of comparison.  Would it be better if suffering and evil had never entered the world, and we lived in a state of perfect innocence before God?  Bring to mind the Garden of Eden, Paradise, the beauty of creation and an […]


by Wayne Lin

This post is only Part 1 of a five part series on suffering. This is written by our own Emily Moore.  If God is both sovereign and wholly good, how can He allow His children to suffer?  Scripture asserts that God is in complete control of the universe, even suffering.  Nothing happens that He does […]