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This post is only Part 1 of a five part series on suffering. This is written by our own Emily Moore.  If God is both sovereign and wholly good, how can He allow His children to suffer?  Scripture asserts that God is in complete control of the universe, even suffering.  Nothing happens that He does […]

The Reformation and Church Unity

by Wayne Lin

This blog is written by fellow Christ the King member, Tyler. Here at Christ the King we are gearing up for our first official celebration of Reformation Day, October 31. While Sunday morning worship is the only biblically obligatory formal service we observe, many of us highly value the history of the Protestant Reformation as […]

Pray for Those Affected by the Tornado

by Wayne Lin

Words cannot begin to describe how destructive the tornado on May 20th really was. It is tragic and sad; while we mourn and grieve for the lives lost we must also help those who are in need.  Christ the King is doing all that it can to do some good in the community by sending […]

CTK and its Bright Future

by Wayne Lin

As we’ve been in the building for a little over two years now, we’ve undergone several changes.  Our church looks great, we set our goals high, and we have a congregation full of wonderful people.  As I’ve been a deacon, and been part of the congregation for a number of years, it never ceases to […]

Our First Blog! — and Ministry Stuff!!

by Wayne Lin

Welcome to Christ the King’s inaugural blog. I’m Wayne, one of the deacons at Christ the King. The goal is to let you, the congregation, guests, and people who want to know more about Christ, know what we are doing as a church. We want you to feel connected to us in more ways than […]