Mike Biggs — Pastor, Teaching Elder

Mike Biggs is the founding pastor of Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Norman, OK.

Mike graduated with honors from the University of Mississippi in 1981 with a B.A. in English. He then attended seminary at Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missions (now Columbia International University) and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, from which he graduated with Masters of Divinity and Masters of Christian Education degrees.

Mike was ordained as a campus minister with Reformed University Ministries, the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America, in 1987, and labored for 14 years in this capacity on two different campuses: the University of Arkansas and New Mexico State University. During his time in Fayetteville, AR, he also served Covenant Presbyterian Church as its Director of Christian Education.

Mike moved to Norman in 2001 to plant Christ the King Presbyterian Church, which was particularized in April of 2004. He has since served as pastor and is involved in planting new churches and Reformed University Fellowships in Oklahoma and throughout the Southwest United States. He is currently working on a book on Christian growth for Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company.

Mike enjoys golf, playing and teaching the drums professionally, reading, and, obviously, theology. He and his wife Janna have seven children, five boys and two girls, ranging in age from 26 to 15.

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Danny Cary — Ruling Elder

An elder at Christ the King since April 2004, Danny Cary has dutifully served the church in various capacities. Since being a Christian he has only known Presbyterianism but is well schooled and versed (no pun intended) on other denominations. Bouncing from church to church he and his family came across Christ the King and the rest is history. One of Danny’s goals for the church is to see the body act as a body – meaning there is synchronous work as a body to see the culture at large changed. Ideally, a result of this culture change is conversion, not only of our families but our neighbors. Before his time passes, he plans to see four or five churches planted in the Norman area.

He has spent many hours sacrificing his time for the betterment and growth of the church. The sacrifices in regards to time should be commended. As an elder, the one thing that Danny enjoys, in particular, is seeing the church grow spiritually and in number.

When he is not in church or doing elder activities he enjoys the occasional television show, particularly Band of Brothers and Sons of Guns. During football season he likes to watch OU football games with some of his closest friends, sometimes huddled around a fire pit. While sitting around a fire pit or simply watching television, Danny likes to read theological books and gun magazines, though not at the same time, and invoke deep conversation about theology, football, guns, and sometimes politics.

On top of the list of people who inspire him is Cammy, his wife of several years. “She is a great source of strength for me,” says Danny of his wife. To this day they remain a happily married couple with four children and a cat named Harley.

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Jim Leckie — Ruling Elder

Since 2003, Jim Leckie has attended Christ the King Presbyterian Church. A studious servant, Jim is the newest elder to join the church leadership group. He has led and continues to lead small groups on topics that range from living out Christ through popular culture to learning about the glorious body of Christ, subjects that challenge the intellect and pushes the Christian to deepen their relationship through Christ. Jim graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1977 with a Bachelors Degree in Religion. Upon graduation and until the present time, he remained predominately Baptist. 1997 was the year in which he took to reformed theology and broke away from his Baptist roots. What pleases Jim as an elder is the privilege to serve communion each Sunday and the ability to communicate the importance of that to those he serves. He is joined by his wife, Pauletta, in this venture of eldership, a journey that they will cherish for a long time. A goal of Jim’s is to plant churches that are aimed at the various demographics in our world. The word of Christ should not be withheld from those who want to listen.

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DeWayne Taylor – Ruling Elder

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Dale Fuqua – Ruling Elder

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Wayne Lin – Deacon

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Steve Dile – Deacon

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Scott Renfro – Deacon

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