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Reformation Day Post

by Wayne Lin

Written by our Worship leader, Sean Cowden… It is that time of year again in which we Reformed folk celebrate the fresh light shed on the gospel in the early 16th century. It is only two more years until the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the 95 theses, which challenged contemporary practices of the […]

Apostles’ Creed: “Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary”

by Wayne Lin

Written by our worship leader, Sean Cowden… This article of the Creed—of the historic Christian faith—is not peripheral to Christian belief, but has been rather a central declaration of the Church throughout the ages. The simple fact that the Apostles’ Creed we are unfolding includes it, together with the other most central facts about who […]

Apostles’ Creed: “I Believe in…His Only Son, Our Lord” Part 2

by Wayne Lin

From our worship leader, Tyler Cowden…In the last section we considered the manifold significance of confessing Jesus as “the only Son of God.” Now we must take some time to explore the layered meanings of the word “Lord” as we apply it to our Savior in the Apostles’ Creed every week. We will consider three […]